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Forestry Administration
#40 Preah Norodom
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
TelFax: 023 215 034
E-mail: [email protected]
Forest & Landscape Denmark
Rolighedsvej 23
DK-1958 Frederiksberg C
Tlf. +45 3533 1500
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Publications & Reports
1- Forest Gene Conservation Strategy
2- Gene-Ecological Zonation of Cambodia
3- Glossary of Seed Biology and Tree Improvement English - Khmer
4- Glossary of Forestry Terms
5- Cambodia Tree Species, Monographs
6- Farmers' Tree Planting Manual
7- bec©keTsdaMeQIsMrab;ksikr
8- Guidelines For Site Selection And Tree Planting in Cambodia
9- eKalkaN_ENnaMsMrab;kMNt;TItaMgnigkarGnuvtþkargardaMedImeQI
10- Seed Testing Reports:  
11- Direct Seeding
12- kardaMeQIedayRKab;pÞal;
13- tarag)a:n;sµantMrUvkarRKab;BUC (Estimation for Seed Demand per unit hectare)
14- Human Resource Development Paper
15- ÉksaremeronkarGPivDÆnFnFanmnusS
16- Proceedings of the Launch of the Forest Gene Conservation Strategy::
17- Proceedings of the 5th Regional Consultation of Tree Seed Projects in South-East Asia
18- Proceedings of National Workshop on Priority Tree Species
19- Report of Kbal Chhay Demonstration Plot of Indigenous Species
20- List of Tree Species
21- An Assessment of Tree Seed Demand
22- Seed Source Registration System
23- Planting Native Trees
24- cUrdaMeQIRbePTkñúgRsuk
25- RbPBRKab;BUCeQIkñúgéRBFmµCati³ (Seed Sources in Natural Forest):
26- skmµPaB niglT§plkargarKMeragRKab;BUCeQIkm<úCa (Activities and Results of Cambodia Tree Seed Project)
27- r)aykarN_RbwkSaeyabl;ENnaMBIkareFVIGtþsBaØaN nig RKb;RKgRbPBpþl; RKab;BUCkñúgéRBFmµCati (Report on Consultation of Identification of Seed Source in Natural Forest)
28- karGPirkSEhSnéRBeQI nigsuvuDÆikmµedImeQI (Forest Conservation and Tree Improvement)
29- CIvsaRsþ niglT§kmµRKab;BUC (Seed Biology and Seed Procurement)
30- CIvsaRsþ karvivDÆn_ brisßansaRsþrbs;RKab;BUC (Seed Biology, development and environment)
31- kareFVIlT§kmµRKab;BUCénRbePTeQImYycMnYn (Seed Procurement of some species)
32- karbegáItRbPBplitRKab;BUC (Seed Source Establishment)
33- rdUvkalecj páa Epø nigRbmUlRKab;BUC (Seasons of Flowering, Fruiting and Seed Collection)
34- Model of Forest Gene-Ecological Zones
35- xitb½NÑRbePTeQI (Species Leaflet):
36- viciRtsal (- Posters ):
37- Development Of Partnerships In Forestry Between Forestry Administration And Local Commune Councils
38- Analysis Of Memorandum Of Understanding Agreements Between Government Entities And International NGOs Within The Natural Resources Management Sector In Cambodia
39- An Analysis of Seed Supply Options for Cambodia
40- An Overview of Biodiversity Conservation and Reforestation Activities in Cambodia
41- Capacity Development Approach
42- Costs, Benefits, and Enabling Conditions Related to Village Seed Supply Systems
43- yuT§saRsþGPirkSFnFanEhSnéRBeQI (Forest Gene Conservation Strategy)
44- An Overview Of The Conservation Status Of Potential Plantation And Restoration Species In Southeast Asia
45- Capacity Needs Assessment of the Natural Resource Sector in Cambodia 
46- Partnership Forestry Concept
47- Recommendations For Policy Development For The Tree Seed Sector, Based On Findings Of Project Activities
48- - In-Situ Conservation Of Endangered Indigenous Species In Partnership Between The Forest Administration And The Local Forest Community
49- Status of Village Seed Source Management in Cambodia
50- Tree Seed Supply and Distribution 
51- Guidelines For Site Selection And Tree Planting in Cambodia 
52- eKalkaN_ENnaMsMrab;kMNt;TItaMgnigkarGnuvtþkargardaMedImeQI 
53- karbegáItLÚt_BiesaFn_daMeRCIserIsRbePTeQIcMnYn 21RbePT (Experimental plots of 21 selected species) 
54- Cambodia Forest Gene Conservation Case Study Part I  
55- Cambodia Forest Gene Conservation Case Study Part II 
56- Brief on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources 
57- Thoughts towards the end of Cambodia Tree Seed Project 
58- eKalkarN_ENnaMsþIGMBIkareFVIrhalenAtMbn;k,alqay
59- Guidebook:  
60- eKalkarN_ENnaMTaMg4:
61- Thining Guideline in Kbal Chhay 
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