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Forest Gene Conservation Strategy
Book Cover
Executive summary
1. Introduction
2. Genetic Conservation and Natural Forests in Cambodia
3. Institutional and Regulatory Framework for Forestry in Cambodia
4. Development of the Forest Gene Conservation Strategy in Cambodia
Appendix 1 Terms of Reference
Appendix 2 Seed Source Locations
Appendix 3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Genetic Resource Conservation Methods
Appendix 4 Example of an Agreement between FA and a Local Community
Annex 1 Flora of Cambodia:

Annex 2 Distributions and Conservation Status of Selected Tree Species for Gene conservation and working Methodology
Action Plan
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Gene-Ecological Zonation of Cambodia
Book Cover
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Forest Seed and Gene Conservation
3. Theoretial Considerations
4. Description of Ecological Factors in Cambodia
5. Result of Gene Ecological Zoning System in Cambodia
6. Use of Gene-Ecological Zonation Model
7. Literature Cited
Appendix i Table of Criteria for Gene-Ecological Zone
Appendix ii Climatic Data
Appendix iii Temperature Data
Appendix iv Conversion Soil and Forest land
Appendix v Basic for Simplification of Vegetation Type
Appendix vi Summarization of Environmental Factors
Appendix vii Flow Diagrams of Gen-Ecological Model
Appendix viii Flow Charts of Gene-Ecological Model
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